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Top 5 Web Design Mistake in Landing Pages

With the passage of time the web designing field has gathered some serious pace and has transformed into one of the most popular fields in Information Technology. This fame is all down to the brisk evolution of technology. Every developer is bound to make errors that are common to the world and because of this basic reason customers find the developer and the web design untrustworthy and they shy away.

Landing pages is the kind of a web page that showcases an answer selecting results from the processing of a search engine depending on the topic.Top 5 Web Design Mistake in Landing Pages

1- Lack of Logo:

According to a survey held within a company offering web designing services, a large number of developers ask their friends, family members and other non-professional individuals to do their work for them which results in a below par logo design. You might have noticed that all outstanding brand names are identified by their unique logo design so this makes the use of standout logo very necessary. This becomes a major issue during bootstrapping so a use of a standout logo is a must.

2- Too many Fonts:

Using numerous fonts would make your page look like it is overdone so the better practice is to merge all your fonts. This will not only give a slick look to your web page but would also make it presentable within the limits of decency. Problem with most web developers that they use a font too many in order to give an element of style to the design which in the end results produces a disorganized and an unprofessional page costing a lot of traffic.

3- Random Colors:

In order to make your landing page eye pleasing, you should know the art of picking up the correct color which matches the desire and use of the web page. Not more than three colors should be put in to practice in order to make a landing page eye catching. Overusing numerous colors makes all your work dull and distracting.

4- Reliability Issues:

Typography is one of the best measures to determine the trustworthiness of a landing page. The designer must make sure that the font sizes, line heights and large text blocks are not poorly presented in the web page. This makes your work disorganized and it becomes a hurdle for the viewer to get the message and gain trust of the web site. Make sure that the page is uniformly designed.

5- Single Goal:

Landing pages have to be blunt and not very complicated. If a landing page has more than 10 clicking elements the viewer would get confused and on the contrary if it has just four sections, this would make the task hell a lot easier for the traffic to gain the access of the basic purpose they visited the website in the first place.