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15 Awesome WordPress Admin Themes of 2016

When designing themes for customers, you may want to give them some management branding. Having the ability to place your personal touch on the admin area can reduce the odds of your customers forgetting about you after giving over the website. Here are several totally free and high quality WordPress admin themes that will allow you to make your personal color schemes, change the colors of the individual elements of the dashboard area, add your personal logo and branding, and also provide the sign in page a customized feel and look for customer or individual use.

Fancy Admin UI

This can be a clean blue/grey theme automatically for that admin panel that simplifies the interface and makes things more available for clients.WP Admin Themes 2015 2016 (1)

Material Admin Theme

The feel of wordpress after sales is dated. This eye-pleasing theme provides better contrast along with a modern look.WP Admin Themes 2015 2016 (2)

Blue Admin

This can be a easy and obvious admin design which makes your WordPress administration section more obvious and relaxed.WP Admin Themes 2015 2016 (3)


Slate supplies a clean, simplified the perception of your WordPress Admin area.WP Admin Themes 2015 2016 (4)

Admin Branding

Completely brand the admin dashboard and login screen through simple and easy , easy controls. Do advanced custom remaking and branding through adding your personal CSS and JS.WP Admin Themes 2015 2016 (5)

Ultimo WP

Obtain a clean, beautiful and easy to customize change in your WordPress Admin Dasboard.WP Admin Themes 2015 2016 (6)

Retina Press

The completely new retina display custom theme created for the WordPress admin. This WordPress admin theme now provides you with the opportunity to offer your clients & clients a totally new and customised dashboard, ultimately disguising the wordpress dashboard.WP Admin Themes 2015 2016 (7)

Material WP

WordPress admin interface continues to be exactly the same for age range. The version 3.8 in our beloved platform attempted to create a fresher design, however the fundamental idea continued to be exactly the same. It’s time for you to bring something entirely a new comer to the table: Material WordPress.WP Admin Themes 2015 2016 (8)

WordPress Admin Theme

WordPress Admin Theme is really a WordPress plugin to personalize the whole appearance of your WordPress admin section and you may personalize the majority of the admin elements as the wish.WP Admin Themes 2015 2016 (9)

Ultra WordPress Admin Theme

It arrives with 30 Awesome Built-in styles and provides an choice to Make your own theme. You may also control appearance of Admin Menu, Top Bar, Buttons, Content Boxes, Typography, Forms, Text and background colors, logo design and thus on…WP Admin Themes 2015 2016 (10)


Effective tool to personalize your WordPress admin. It’ll totally whitened label the WordPress admin section. With WPShapere you be capable of offer your clients an entire new admin dashboard together with your brand.WP Admin Themes 2015 2016 (11)

First Admin Theme

First is flat theme to provide your admin dashboard a brand new fresh feel and look. It is simple to custom the admin bar, menu, symbols, and colours.WP Admin Themes 2015 2016 (12)

Legacy WordPress Admin Theme

Legacy admin includes Fully easy to customize Beautiful Login Screen theme. Also Control Top bar links, Personalize Footer, WordPress plugin access permissions, Login page designing options etc. features enable you to design web project (in WordPress) for the clients with your personal company branding.WP Admin Themes 2015 2016 (13)

Forest WP Admin Theme

It’s here we are at Both you and your Clients to escape boring admin. Forest could make you as well as your clients be excited with controlling a wordpress site.WP Admin Themes 2015 2016 (14)

Ultimate Tweaker

210  hacks & tweaks as they are without programming.WP Admin Themes 2015 2016 (15)